Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics)

Australian National University (ANU) / National University of Singapore (NUS) Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics)

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours in Actuarial Studies and Economics) is offered by the School of Finance and Applied Statistics, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, ANU and the Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS. (See also

A student in this programme will spend four semesters at NUS (for economics and the foundational courses) and four semesters at ANU (for the actuarial courses).

The programme contains the core of the Economics Honours curriculum as well as the actuarial studies that prepares students for the actuarial career. (For more information on the actuarial education and profession, please go to The programme also includes elements of the NUS broad-based curriculum.

For NUS students, semester 1 of the programme will begin at NUS. Students will spend their first three semesters at NUS, joining ANU in their fourth semester. The eighth and final semester will be spent at NUS.

NUS students will pay NUS tuition fees throughout the course of study. There will be no additional tuition fees for studying at ANU, but students are responsible for their own medical/health insurance, travel, personal and living expenses and other incidental expenses when studying abroad.

Admission into the programme is highly competitive, and is available only to first year students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. No more than 8 students will be selected for each intake. Selection of NUS students will take place after they have completed two semesters of study at NUS and will be based on academic performance. Students who wish to apply to the Joint Degree Programme must ensure that they complete the modules specified in the joint-degree programme (see detailed outline below) for the first 2 semesters of study within their first year. Unsuccessful applicants may continue to work towards the Honours degree in Economics or any other major in the Faculty. The programme's academic coordinator will be able to offer advice to interested students at the start of each semester.

For information on pursuing an actuarial career and joining the Singapore Actuarial Society (SAS) as a member, please visit the following SAS website Currently, students from NUS will enjoy an entrance fee of $20. He/she does not have to pay the annual subscription fee until he/she graduates.

Detailed Outline of the Programme

Students might be able to alter slightly some of the sequencing in the table below.  However, all the listed modules must be completed.

Students from Cohort 2012 to 2015

Students from Cohort 2016

Students from Cohort 2017 and 2018

Students from Cohort 2019

Students from Cohort 2020

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