Internship Resources and Career Advisory

These advisory services are provided by Dr. Connie Chung Wee-Wee and Dr. Mun Lai Yoke to economics major students.

Profile of coaches

Dr. Chung worked for the IBM World Trade Corporation for 15 years in various sales, marketing, brand management and management positions, before joining NUS. She had overseas assignments in China, Hong Kong SAR (China), Vietnam and Rochester, Minnesota (USA). She also served two years as a regional sales and marketing trainer coaching the IBM new hirers in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan, and including Australia and New Zealand).

Dr. Mun worked in the financial industry for 12 years before joining NUS. She has worked as a Senior Investment Manager and Vice President, managing and/or market-making in foreign exchange and interest rate portfolios for both the developed and emerging markets, including their derivatives (options, swaps, forwards and futures), at various financial institutions in Singapore and London; and as a Business Analyst at a listed international financial software company, providing consultancy services for the Asia Pacific region. Prior to that, she started her career as a teacher at a junior college.

Internship Advisory
Students are advised to:

1.     Complete the Career Catalyst programme, conducted by the Centre for Future-ready Graduates from year 1.

2.     After the completion of the Career Catalyst programme, we strongly encourage you to enrol in the
FASS 2.0 Industry programme. It gives you pathways to five major industry sectors. Each track consists of a curated list of FASS majors, hard skills modules and industry-relevant training needed to optimize your career fit with the defined sector.

3.    Upon Completion of the FASS Industry 2.0 program, you are encouraged to apply for an internship stint with any organization. You can register for the FASS Internship Programme (FASS IP), managed by the FASS Dean’s Office through NUS TalentConnect!. The aim of this programme is to provide students the opportunity to pursue an internship in a company or organization as part of their undergraduate study.


Career Advisory
To speak to the coaches, please send an email to, to schedule an appointment.