Admissions and Funding


Admissions and Entry Requirements

Students are admitted into the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), NUS. During their first few semesters in FASS, they will decide on their disciplinary major. The Department of English Language and Literature offers three majors: (1) English Language; (2) English Literature; and (3) Theatre Studies.

The common entry requirement for all three majors is that candidates should:

  • be exempted from the NUS Qualifying English Test, or
  • have passed the NUS Qualifying English Test, or
  • be exempted from further CELC remedial English modules

Financial Aid

Bursaries provide financial help based upon need. The following bursaries are available:

  • Singapore Lions Clubs' Bursary
  • FASS Student Advancement Bursary
  • Chew Teck Neo Bursary

There are also travel bursaries for overseas Double and Joint Degrees.

Scholarships recognise achievement, usually but not always academic achievement. The following scholarships are available:

  • Ian and Peony Ferguson Scholarship
  • Hochstadt Scholarship in the Humanities
  • FASS Student Advancement Scholarship

There are two enhancement schemes for scholarships holders:

  • FASS Overseas Education Programme (OEP) Award
  • FASS UTown Residential College Scholarship (for the first semester of study in the UTown Residential Programme)

FASS offers emergency help for students whose changed circumstances have created an urgent need and the inability to wait for the next Financial Aid cycle. Application is online.

For details on eligibility, application and deadlines for all these schemes, please see FASS’s Financial Aid website.

Further information is available from the NUS Office of Financial Aid.