Outside specialist and technical areas, modern employers look for a similar set of qualities in the people they recruit. They want independence, flexibility, critical acumen, articulacy and the ability to work with people from different educational and cultural backgrounds.

The English Language, English Literature and Theatre Studies programmes provide both a broad-based education and a specialist discipline. The breadth develops our students’ flexibility and range, and the disciplines equip them with specific transferable skills. Our students learn to be critical and creative in their thinking, to evaluate and manage complex information and to construct arguments. Often, they are particularly strong in English. They express themselves in speech and writing with clarity, precision and elegance, a crucial and highly valued skill in the modern workplace.

As a result, students from our Department pursue many different careers upon graduation, and our alumni are represented in a wide range of fields:

  • Creative practice in theatre, film, television and writing
  • All sectors of the civil service
  • Graduate research and university teaching
  • Banking, finance and consultancy
  • Speech pathology and speech therapy
  • Translating and interpreting
  • Publishing, marketing, public relations, event management
  • Management and business administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching and educational management at all levels of the school system
  • Arts, entertainment and media industries, advertising, journalism