English Literature Modules


The programmes in English Literature include a wide diversity of modules. The foundational module offers a general introduction and the modules at level 2000 focus on reading. Some higher level modules cover historical periods of British literature and others look at American literature and literature from regions like South Asia and Southeast Asia. Others still take a generic or topic approach, with subjects such as film, visual media, critical theory, gender and psychoanalysis.

The range of approaches within modules is also wide. Different modules might emphasise aesthetic, historical, political or theoretical readings. Students are encouraged to check module descriptions on the LumiNUS or talk to module chairs, if they are uncertain.

Unless otherwise stated, all level 1000–3000 modules carry 4 modular credits (MCs), while all level 4000 modules carry 5 MCs (except EN4401 which carries 15 MCs).

Modules offered in AY2020/2021 Semester 1

Tania ROY

Human beings are ‘tale-telling animals'. We all tell stories, and we all listen to them, read them and watch them. This module looks at the ways in which people tell stories, the kinds of stories they tell, and the meanings those stories generate. It focuses, in particular, upon the telling, and gives special attention to questions concerned with that. Texts include a novel, a play, films, short stories, poems and oral tales.

Pre-requisite: Exempted from NUS Qualifying English Test, or passed NUS Qualifying English Test, or exempted from further CELC Remedial English modules.
Preclusion: GEK1000
Cross-listing: GEK1000

Modules offered in AY2020/2021 Semester 2