Multidisciplinary Minors


English Studies

English has become the major world language in the 21st-century. Spoken with different levels of competence by nearly 800 million people, it is the pre-eminent means of communication in international business, diplomacy, culture and academia, as well as being widely used in electronic media. The Minor in English Studies offers students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the English language and its literature. The minor is mainly foundational in orientation. Students take the introductory modules in language and literature, plus one level 2000 module about language structure and one that focuses on literary reading. The remaining two modules provide for the pursuit of interests developed in the first four. Students can choose from the large variety of level 3000 modules offered in English language and literature. Full details.

Film Studies

The Minor in Film Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that trains students to critically engage with, and appreciate, the complexities of the cinematic medium. Drawing from a range of modules across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the minor aligns with its host department, English Language and Literature, in adopting an aesthetic, textual, and cultural consideration of films, while also providing students with exposure to film culture in its historical, industrial, political and social contexts. The curriculum offers the necessary grounding in film analysis in combination with sufficient flexibility to allow students to pursue their own particular interests in the field. Full details.