Counselling & Mentor Scheme


Student Counselling and Mentor Scheme

The University provides a student counselling service at The University Health Centre to aid students with their personal problems and other sources of stress. Professionally trained counsellors are on hand to offer advice and students are encouraged to seek help immediately whenever necessary. Call 6516-2376 or email for an appointment. For financial problems, you should approach the Office of Student Affairs (Student Services Division), and for medical problems you should approach the doctors at the University Health Service.

If your problem pertains to campus and FASS information, please approach the faculty’s student advisor, who may be reached at Alternatively if you need to check information on faculty-level modules (eg. combination of subjects or how many modules to take etc.), you can approach the faculty mentor at

In the Department, students are welcomed to see any academic staff member for advice and help concerning specific modules. In addition, course coordinators and mentors are available to advise students on their choice of modules. They are:

Undergraduate Level Co-ordinators

A/P T.C. Chang (Level-1000/2000)
A/P Matthias Roth (Level-3000)
A/P Pow Choon Piew (Level-4000)

Undergraduate Academic Mentor

A/P Godfrey Yeung

Graduate Co-ordinator

A/P Tracey Skelton

First Responders

For support on matters relating to harassment and bullying, please contact:
A/P Tracey Skelton or Dr Kamalini Ramdas