Honours Programme

The Honours year in Geography is a lot more than just the fourth year of the degree. The Level 4000 modules typically have smaller numbers than other levels enabling a greater degree of interaction with staff and between students, while the curriculum exposes students to the key issues and concerns at the cutting edge of particular topics.

The Honours year is a time to concentrate on geography and to engage in debates about the nature and direction of the discipline. It is a time to enhance analytical and reflective skills. The Department also strives to provide a conducive atmosphere for class identity to emerge. The majority of teaching is based in the Honours Room, which serves as a homebase outside class hours. Geography Honours student typically develop a strong sense of place and cohort identity, often arranging extra curricular activities. Students are also encouraged to support the Department’s seminar programme.

Honours students must complete a total of eight Geography modules or higher-level approved GE-recognised modules. The modules may be selected from a list offered each year.

From 2007 cohort onwards, the HT timetable will run across both semesters, though formal registration takes place in Semester 2.

No fieldwork involving human subjects can begin until the HT has gone through the ethical clearance process. The maximum word limit for all HTs is 12,000. Students will be advised on the requirement format for submitting the completed thesis.

The ISM can be followed in either semester but has to be registered with the Department in the semester it will be followed. The maximum word limit for ISMs is 4,000. It is also possible to consider alternative submission formats for ISM projects (e.g. design of a website; GIS analysis). The ISM is completed within one semester and the submission date is Monday of Week 13. Students are to submit one hard copy (with all author and identifying information INCLUDED), and one e-copy (email submission is acceptable) to Ms Sakinah by the deadline.

Honours students may view past years Honours Theses from the Map Resource Unit at AS2 02-02. Honours students are also allowed to borrow one thesis at a time for a period of one month.

HT Guide
HT Timetable for Students and Advisors AY2020-21
HT Advisory Process Guidelines
HT Marking Criteria
HT word count guide

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ISM Outline and Agreement Form

Ooi Jin Bee Scholarship for Geography Honours