Career Advice for Prospective Students

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What can you do with a degree in Philosophy?

Like the other majors in the faculty, all philosophy majors will graduate with a Bachelors of Arts. An Arts degree is a general degree that will allow you to pursue a wide range of careers, such as advertising, business, human resource, marketing, politics, policy planning, sales, teaching, writing, and so on.

What this course in philosophy gives you, in particular, is a set of analytical skills that you can use to apply to any situation, in any career. Philosophy doesn’t just teach you to think – philosophy teaches you how to think clearly. Philosophy teaches you how to analyse ideas, how to detect the hidden assumptions behind them, and how to make thorough decisions in a complex world where many issues are not as clear as black and white.

These skills are especially valued in many sectors of the civil service as well as in the corporate world. The options that philosophy is able to provide is so vast that we have alumni pursuing a variety of careers such as business, banking and finance, human resource, policy planning (for both the government and corporations), journalism and writing, theatre and the arts, IT, and even starting their own businesses.

A degree in philosophy can be the very stepping stone to helping you pursue what you want to do.