Recognised Modules


Recognised modules for SN major

AH2203 Empire and Art in India, Singapore, Malaya

EC3378 Emerging India in Asia's Economic Integration

EN4266 South Asian Literatures in English

GE2225 Methods & Practices inGeography

GE4202 Remaking the Global Economy

GE4204 Urban Space: Critical Perspectives

GE4213 Cultural Analysis

HY4230 Historiography and Historical Method

HY4222 Asian Business History

HY2241 Why History? The 20th Century, 1914-1989

HY2258 Passage to India: Contemporary Modern Indian Society

LAH1201 Hindi 1

LAH4201 Hindi 2

LAL1201 Tamil 1

LAL2201 Tamil 2

PS2247 South Asian Politics

PS2249 Goverment and Politics of Singapore

PS3257 Political Inquiry

PS4214 Politics, Art & Popular Culture

MS4204 The Malay Middle Class

NM4202 Transnational Information Producers

NM4213 Digital Economies

SE4212 Elites of Southeast Asia

SE4218 Majorities and Minorities in Southeast Asia

SE4221 Southeast Asian Postcolonialism