Research Projects

The faculty is involved in number of cutting-edge research projects on heritage, diaspora, borders, environment, climate change, business, colonial histories, partition, religion, politics, violence, ethics, marriage and food.

Current Projects

Dr Annu Jalais

  • PI for a planning grant from the Social Science Research Council (, USA) to develop a ‘“Southern Collective” for Transdisciplinary Collaborations on the Northern Indian Ocean’ for the ‘Transregional Collaboratory on the Indian Ocean’. Co-PIs (1) Aarthi Sridhar, Programme Head of Dakshin Foundation (2) Dr Rapti Siriwardanen Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research ; and (3) Alin Kadfak, Swedish University of Agricultural Science.
  • Our project brings together a regional network which is ‘transdisciplinary’ (including not just natural and social scientists but also community leaders and members, civil servants, lawyers, and communication experts) and which works towards ‘co-creating’ ways of learning and sharing maritime knowledge. Our ‘Southern Collective’ activities address two broad climate and livelihood related themes for interdisciplinary research which involve: a) transboundary coastal and marine resources (specifically on types of beach sands and pelagic fish species like tuna), and b) forced migration and adaptation (among lesser known traditional maritime communities) in the seas of the northern Indian Ocean.
  • The northern Indian Ocean region is an understudied marine transcultural and multidisciplinary ‘borderland’ in shaping contemporary natural resource circulations and conversations. We need to ‘pluralize’ and democratize different kinds of knowledge production. The way we do this is through locally-derived social learning formats and innovative dissemination channels that bring multiple experts into mutually beneficial dialogue. The ‘Southern Collective’ harnesses the power of networks and coalitions by bringing their various expertise in conversation with each other.

Dr Jayati Bhattacharya

  • Heritage Research Grant, “Hidden Heritage: A Series Exploring Singapore’s Minority South Asian communities” as Co-principle Investigator for National Heritage Board, Singapore from October 2019 to January 2022.
  • Received research funding under the Staff Research Support Scheme FY2020 for one year as a seed funding to address and explore one of the less studied narratives of Indian business and interregional networks in the Bay of Bengal

Dr. Karthik Nachiappan

  • Regulating Data India and Indonesia (Funded by Kondrad Adenauer Stiftung)