Making It Matter

'Making it Matter' is about what you can give of yourself to the Department and your alma mater. We look forward to your partnership and the difference it will make for our students.

To ensure that our Geography majors receive the very best quality of education, the Department needs your support and help.

  • Mentor a student of offer internships to give them the added advantage when embarking on their career
  • Share your experiences and expertise in Career Talks to students
  • Attend University events such as Commencement Ceremonies, Homecoming, Faculty Open House
  • Help deserving students afford an education by funding a scholarship, grant, bursary or a book prize
  • Gifts

Why It Makes a Difference?

Your contribution and support will certainly maintain the prestige and reputation of our education programme by supporting talented and deserving students.

Contact the Department to discuss different ways that you can make a contribution or you may wish to visit the NUS Development Office website for more information.

Alumni Bonds and Friendships

The Department is thinking of starting a Geography Alumni Club and if you are interested, please contact us. This would be a good opportunity to network with fellow alumni, relive the good old days, or simply enjoy the bonds that bind the Geography Alumni.

For information on alumni services and activities, you may also visit the Office of Alumni Relations website here.

Contact person for the Department

Ms Wong Lai Wa
DID: (65) 6515 6638

A/P TC Chang
DID: (65) 6516 6808