Master of Arts in Literary Studies (Coursework)


The MA in Literary Studies is a fully taught programme where students obtain the degree entirely through coursework. No written thesis is required. By taking taught modules, students develop an advanced level of knowledge and critical skill in literary studies. Students generally take level 5000 modules which are graduate modules, though they may also take a maximum of two level 4000 modules which are undergraduate honours modules. Students may also enroll in an Independent Study Module (ISM) where they conceive their own short research essay in consultation with a faculty supervisor.

It is possible for a full-time student to complete the degree in two semesters, i.e. in one year. In practice, a full-time student may take longer to complete the degree, for instance, over a period of three semesters. Students can undertake the degree as full-time or part-time students. A full-time student has a maximum period of three years to complete the degree, while a part-time student has four years to do so. Foreign students on a student pass can only enroll as full-time students.

To obtain the MA in Literary Studies, candidates are required to:

  1. pass a minimum of 40 modular credits (MCs) or ten modules (each module is worth 4 MCs). The ten modules (40 MCs) should comprise:
    • at least eight modules (32 MCs) at level 5000 of the subject (or from a related discipline, subject to the approval of the Head of Department)
    • no more than two modules (8 MCs) at level 4000 of the subject (or from a related discipline, subject to the approval of the Head of Department)

    Candidates who have completed equivalent modules which were not used towards obtaining another degree prior to admission to the Master of Arts (Literary Studies) may apply to the Head of Department for an exemption of module(s), subject to a maximum of 50% of the MA requirements.

  2. obtain a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00 for all examinable modules. The candidature of a student will be terminated if he/she:
    • obtains a CAP of less than 2.5 for two consecutive semesters, or less than 3.0 for three consecutive semesters; or
    • fails more than two modules