The Department of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore is one of Asia’s leading centers for philosophical education and research, comprising faculty with a broad range of interests spanning diverse philosophical traditions. The department is the top English-language philosophy program in Asia, and the inaugural Asian member of the Australasian Association of Philosophy. Explore these pages to learn more about one of academic philosophy’s best-kept secrets.

Philosophy at NUS

Our department offers a philosophical education spanning diverse philosophical traditions and courses including contemporary analytic philosophy, early modern philosophy, Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy, ethics, comparative philosophy, and philosophy of science and technology. About 1 in 2 undergraduate students from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), and many more from across the university, take at least one philosophy module over the course of their degree. Our active graduate programme is also home to both international and local MA and PhD students, many of whom pursue their research in our area of strengths like comparative philosophy, history of philosophy, and political philosophy.

We are also affliated with the emerging philosophical community at Yale-NUS College, just a stone's throw away from our home at FASS.