ELL Writing Centre


Students enrolled in any of the modules offered by the department of English Language and Literature can consult with tutors in the ELL Writing Centre. The purpose of the Writing Centre is to encourage better writing among our students, with specific attention to discipline-specific skills. The ELL Writing Centre provides guidance in the basic mechanics of composition and the writing process, but writing centre counselors also helps students with specific kinds of analysis required in EN/EL/TS courses.

Students at any level (of literature, language, and theatre studies related modules—EN/EL/TS/GEH/GES/GET) are welcome to use the resources available at the Writing Centre.

The ELL Writing Centre is located at AS5/03-13. The tutors at the Writing Centre are also able to provide online consultations via Skype.

For enquiries, or to schedule an appointment with an ELL Writing Centre tutor, please contact Dr. Aparna Shukla at aparnashukla@u.nus.edu.

For more information about the ELL Writing Centre, please write to
Dr. Aparna Shukla, (Coordinator, ELL Writing Centre), or A/P John Whalen-Bridge.