Double Major Programmes

Primary Major in Economics

A Double Major is a single degree programme in which a student satisfies the requirements of two majors, a primary major and a second major. Double Majors are conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacities with a significant degree of depth by pursuing a second major alongside their primary major. By acquiring an additional set of skills, students are well-placed for multiple career options. A second major will consist of at least 44 MCs or 48 MCs of modules of which:
- up to 8 MCs can be double counted
- at least 16 MCs must be at level 3 or above

Students who complete a Double Major Programme successfully will receive one degree scroll, for the primary major only. The second major will be recorded in the transcript.

The Department offers the following structured Double Major Programmes to Economics major students.

  • - Double Major in Economics and Business Analytics
  • - Double Major in Economics and Management
  • - Double Major in Economics and Mathematics
  • - Double Major in Economics and Statistics

Students may be admitted to read the respective Double Major Programmes based on:
(1) direct admission after being offered a place in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
(2) application no later than the 5th semester of study (mid-stream application)

Economics major students may also apply for a Second Major in other disciplines other than the above-mentioned.


Application Procedure

(For Second Majors in Business Analytics, Management, Mathematics, and Statistics)

(1) Direct Admission
Applicants may select the respective Double Major course options when completing the application form for admissions for undergraduate courses to the National University of Singapore.
Admission is based on academic merit as well as open competition among all eligible applicants. Please visit the Office of Admissions’ website at to check the admission requirements for the Double Major Programmes.
Students will be able to complete their Honours degree and the second major requirements, within four years, without having to extend their candidature.

(2) Mid-Stream Application
FASS Economics major students should refer to the respective host department website for more information on the application criteria, application procedure and requirements for the respective Second Majors (i.e. Business Analytics, Management, Mathematics and Statistics).


Double Counting Modules

The following modules have been identified for double counting between the two Majors (subject to maximum of 8MCs).

Double Major in Economics and Business Analytics:  EC2303 and EC3303
Double Major in Economics and Management: EC1101E/EC1301, EC2102 and EC2204
Double Major in Economics and Mathematics:  MA1101R, MA1102R, MA2108 and MA3110
Double Major in Economics and Statistics:  MA1101R, MA1102R, ST1131 and ST2131/MA2216

Second Major in Economics