Opinion Pieces by Faculty Members


When open science meets closed borders
Associate Professor Albert Hu, The Straits Times, Opinion, 10 November, 2020

Inequality: How you view it depends on what you're told
Dr Ong Ee Cheng and Ms Kok Siew Peng, Evelyn, The Straits Times, Opinion, 20 October, 2020

From sashimi to Toyota: How currency changes affect S'poreans
Mr Chua Yeow Hwee and Mr Dave Chia Guo Cong, The Straits Times, Opinion, 15 September, 2020

Immigration - a fraught issue that deserves closer study
Dr Kelvin Seah Kah Cheng, The Straits Times, Opinion, 23 July, 2020

Raising workers’ dorm standards: who pays?
Jessica Pan and Ong Pinchuan (NUS Business), The Straits Times, Opinion, 21 July, 2020

The small constituency effect and WP factor: What statistical analysis says about PAP performance at the polls
Prof Ivan Png, The Straits Times, Opinion, 14 July, 2020

How can S’pore reduce its reliance on foreign labour?
Prof Ivan Png & Prof Hui Kai Lung (HKUST), The Straits Times, Opinion, 08 May, 2020

Coronavirus Report – Part 68:Speculates on Future of Chinese Economy (Japanese Version)
Associate Professor Albert Hu, The Chemical Daily, Opinion, 07 May & 28 April, 2020

How can we tell if women are discriminated against in the labour market?
Dr Kelvin Seah Kah Cheng, The Straits Times, Opinion, 21 March 2020

Why government should use subsidies to encourage more to take public transport
Dr Timothy Wong, The Straits Times, Opinion, 11 February, 2020

Why there is still a gender pay gap in Singapore
Jessica Pan, The Straits Times, Opinion, 11 January, 2020