Non-Graduating (Exchange & Non-Exchange) Students

General information about the modules currently offered can be found at

Modules can be added or dropped via ModReg@EduRec . Modules could be set to Audit via the Academic Profile Updates (APU) form

All requests in ModReg@Edurec will be processed after submission. Please log in to ModReg@EduRec to check the outcome periodically. No personal email notification will be sent.

Students are strongly advised to check the lecture, tutorial and examination schedules for all the modules they are reading to ensure that there are no clashes.

NUS email account should be used for all correspondences.

Important Dates

Activity Dates
Submit Module Requests via ModReg@EduRec 4 Jan 2021 (12pm) – 5 Jan 2021 (12pm)
Select Tutorials via ModReg@EduRec Round 1:
12 Jan 2021 (9am) – 12 Jan 2021 (5pm)Round 2:

14 Jan 2021 (9am) – 14 Jan 2021 (5pm)

Add/Swap Tutorials via ModReg@EduRec 16 Jan 2021 (9am) – 18 Jan 2021 (12pm)
Drop Classes

• Drop without Penalty via ModReg@EduRec
• Drop with a “Withdrawn” (W) grade* via ModReg@EduRec
• Drop with a "Fail" (F) grade* via APU form and
write to

*Modules dropped with W or F grade are payable for Non-Exchange students. You may refer to the fees published here.


• 29 Dec 2020 – 24 Jan 2021
• 25 Jan – 28 Feb 2021
• 1 Mar 2021 and onwards

Set Enrolled Modules to Audit 4 Jan – 28 Feb 2021
Verification of Critical Data Exercise 1 Mar – 6 Mar 2021

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