Master of Social Sciences (Research)


This program is designed for students who would like some exposure to graduate training and research in Economics.  The program can be completed in two years.  It differs from the Master of Economics course (also offered by the Department) in that it has an independent research component and is typically of longer duration.

For admission, a student should have a good honors degree (first class or second upper) or a good masters degree, either in Economics or in a field with a quantitative emphasis, such as mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, or operations research.

The program can be taken either full-time or part-time.  However, international students pursuing studies on a Student’s Pass must pursue their studies on a full-time basis. The maximum period of candidature for both full-time and part-time students is three years.

Program Structure and Requirements

The first year of the program is almost exclusively devoted to coursework, with research on the master’s thesis taking up the larger part of the second year.

Students are required to complete at least eight taught modules with a minimum cumulative average point (CAP) of 3.00.  The following four modules (all offered in the first semester of the academic year) are compulsory:

EC5101 Microeconomic Theory
EC5102 Macroeconomic Theory
EC5103 Econometric Modelling and Applications I
EC5104 Mathematics for Economists

In addition, students are required to complete a master’s thesis and make an oral presentation of their work.    A pass grade on the thesis is required for graduation.

Students who have graduated from universities where English is not the medium of instruction may be required to undergo and pass (with a minimum grade of C) a Graduate English Course.

Admissions and Financial Aid

Students are admitted to the program once each year, at the beginning of the academic year in August.

The online application system is open during the application period (April 1st to November 1st). More information on the application procedures can be found here.

There are a limited number of scholarships available to students applying to this program.