Honours Thesis (EC4401) / Independent Study (EC4660)

Honours Thesis (EC4401)

Please note that the Honours Thesis is not compulsory. As such, students who cannot meet the pre-requisite to read the Honours Thesis or chose not to read the Honours Thesis can read an independent study module or other level-4000 modules to accumulate the required modular credits for the Honours requirements.

The department will look at your results based on the immediate past 2 semesters. This means that if you met the pre-requisites for the Honours Thesis 2 semesters ago, but do not meet it now, you can still submit your application for the Honours Thesis. For example, you met the pre-requisite based on your results as at Semester 2 AY09/10, and started looking for a supervisor in Semester 1 AY10/11. However, you did not do well in Semester 1 AY10/11, and thus no longer meet the pre-requisite to do the Honours Thesis in Semester 2 AY10/11. You can still submit the application form for the Honours Thesis, and we will consider your application based on your results as at Semester 1 AY10/11 and Semester 2 AY09/10.

Independent Study (EC4660)