Tropical Environmental Change (TEC)

About TEC

The Tropical Environmental Change (TEC) research group in the Department of Geography, NUS, currently comprises around 35 faculty and graduate research students. The interests of group members, though diverse, cluster around the general theme of environmental change, and in particular the dynamic nature of geo-ecological processes and the human dimensions of low latitude (tropical) regimes. Such regimes are amongst the least studied and therefore most poorly understood on Earth. Environmental change is occurring as a result of both non-human (natural) and human (anthropogenic) forces: the pervasiveness and primacy of anthropogenic contributions, and of the critical importance of low latitude environments, to planetary scale-changes on Earth are increasingly accepted.

TEC Members

Chris Gouramanis Dan Friess Feng Chen-Chieh
Chris Gouramanis
Assistant Professor
Dan Friess
Associate Professor
Feng Chen-Chieh
Associate Professor
Lu Xi Xi
Max Lupascu Nawaz Muhammad Matthias Roth
Max Lupascu
Assistant Professor
Muhammad Nawaz
Senior Lecturer
Matthias Roth
Peter Todd
Associate Professor (DBS)
Sorain Ramchunder David Taylor
Remi Luo Xiangzhong Assistant Professor Sorain Ramchunder
Srivatsan Raghavan
Senior Research Fellow (TMSI)
David Taylor
Head and Professor
Wang Yi-Chen
Wang Yi-Chen
Associate Professor


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