Politics, Economies And Space (PEAS)

About PEAS

The Politics, Economies and Space (PEAS) research group currently comprises 9 faculty and postdocs and 9 graduate students. There are a diverse range of interests amongst the group, but two overlapping strands of research focus are shared amongst many PEAS members. These are economic geographies; especially global production networks, development narratives and geographies of finance and geopolitics; especially concerned with border and critical security studies.

PEAS capitalizes on our location at the heart of Southeast Asia in terms of research sites and opportunities; in turn however, we contribute to broader conceptual and theoretical agendas in economic and political geography and allied fields.

Members of PEAS are keen to recruit graduate students. For further details, please contact the chair of PEAS (Henry Yeung) or one or more of the other faculty members. Please also consult the Department of Geography’s Graduate Studies webpages.

PEAS Members

Carl Grundy-Warr Godfrey-Yeung Henry Yeung James D Sidaway
Carl Grundy-Warr
Senior Lecturer
Godfrey Yeung
Associate Professor
Henry Yeung
Distinguished Professor
James D Sidaway
Miles Kenney-Lazar Neil Coe Shaun Teo Nathan Green
Miles Kenney-Lazar
Assistant Professor
Neil Coe
Shaun Teo Sheng Kiat
Assistant Professor
W. Nathan Green
Assistant Professor
Woon Chih Yuan
Woon Chih Yuan
Associate Professor


Research Projects
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