At the Department of Geography, students are encouraged to develop a deeper and more critical understanding of both physical and human environments.

Students will acquire knowledge, skills and perspectives which will enable them to better evaluate and appreciate the interdependent world we live in. The Department offers four strands of geographical enquiry:

    1. physical features and processes of the earth’s surface;
    2. the interaction between societies and space;
    3. human-environment relationships; and
    4. regional specialisations.

Emphasis will be given to understanding the local situation as well as regional and global influences. Students will also be exposed to various research techniques through seminars, laboratory sessions, hands-on workshops in geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing, and fieldwork.

Geography is one of the most diverse fields of academic study offering a wide breadth of careers for our graduates. As geography trains us to think critically and to write analytically, these valuable assets prepare our graduates well for a wide range of jobs in government bodies, statutory boards and private organisations.

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