Social Cultural Geographies (SCG)

About SCG

There is a rich tradition of social and cultural geography research in the Department. Long-term strengths include scholarship on cultural/heritage landscapes, migration and transnationalism, and geographies of tourism.

The Social and Cultural Geographies research group has built upon those existing strengths and sought to foster other strands of research, such as children and young people’s geographies, and geographies of urban life. In each case, the emphasis is on empirical analyses of social and cultural transformation in Asia, as well as theorization from Asia.

The Vision and Role of the Social and Cultural Geographies Research Group

Vision: The vision of SCG is to develop and sustain an open, engaged and engaging intellectual community of faculty, students and visiting scholars interested in exploring the multiple fields of social and cultural geography.

More specifically, SCG aims to:

  • bring Asian lenses to scholarship in the fields of social and cultural geography;
  • develop research projects and programmes to support and inform our research;
  • generate and contribute to methodological innovations in the field;
  • showcase our work through discipline-leading publications, whether papers or books;
  • generate impact by making our work accessible and contributing to policy discussions and public debates;
  • attract first class graduate students to join us in our work;
  • invite key scholars in the field from other institutions to visit the Department and NUS;
  • bring our research to bear in the undergraduate teaching programme;
  • provide a supportive environment and a constructive ethos for all staff and graduates;
  • and support early career scholars, both staff and graduates, as they develop their research and establish themselves in the field

Main research areas: our research is continually evolving, collectively and individually. However key areas of current and emerging research include:

  • Children and young people’s geographies
  • Cities and cultural economy
  • Cultural/heritage landscapes
  • Development geographies
  • Geographies of identity
  • Geographies of tourism
  • Geographies of urban life
  • Migration and transnationalism
  • Social inclusions and exclusions

SCG Members

Brenda Yeoh Elaine Ho Jane Jacobs Kamalini Ramdas
Brenda Yeoh
Elaine Ho
Associate Professor
Jane Jacobs
Kamalini Ramdas
Senior Lecturer
Lin Weiqiang Menusha De Silva Pow Choon Piew Shirlena Huang
Lin Weiqiang
Assistant Professor
Menusha De Silva
Pow Choon Piew
Associate Professor
Shirlena Huang
Associate Professor
Tim Bunnell TC Chang
Tim Bunnell
TC Chang
Associate Professor
Tracey Skelton
Associate Professor


Research Projects
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