Documents and Forms


Research Students

Application for Change of Thesis Title / Research Topic
Form 797-92A (as at 30 Oct 2009)

Application for Conference Leave With Financial Assistance
Call for applications
- Application form FASS-G36-11 (as at Jan 2017)
- Self evaluation form FASS-G55/11 (as at Jan 2017)

Application for Conference Leave Without Financial Assistance

Application for Conversion of Candidature between Full-time and Part-time
RO.681/15 (as at December 2015)

Application for Extension of Candidature for Graduate Research Students

Application for Extension of Research Scholarship/Tuition Fee Waiver
FASS‐G25-13 (as at May 2016)

Application for GRSS Fund
FASS-G104-02 (as at January 2017)
Details of Scheme

Application for Reimbursement of Travel Claims for Graduate Research Students
FASS-G33-11 (as at January 2015)

Application for Transfer of Candidature from Masters (by Research) to PhD
Form RO.578-95B(1) (as at 10 Oct 2013)

Application Form for Leave--Fieldwork Purposes
- FASS-G29-12 (as at Dec 2012)

Application to Work Part-Time
Part-Time Teaching/Researcher Work in NUS
Other Part-Time Work - FASS-G4/10 (as at April 2015)

Application for Overseas Educational Programmes (OEP) for FASS Graduate Research Students

Appointment of New/Change of Supervisor(s)
Form 797-92B (as at 17 October 2012)

Claims for Part-Time Teaching/Student Researcher
Form (2003)

Claim for Reimbursement Form--President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF) (as at 27 May 2013)

Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submission
Form RO.667-09 (as at 1 May 2016)

Feedback on Research Guidance (PhD and MA Research Projects)
FASS-G79/13 (as at July 2014)

General Guidelines on Format of Research Thesis Submitted for Examination
RO.1042/03 (25 July 2015)

Leave Application (for Graduate Research Students)
- EduRec

Non-Disclosure Agreement for External Thesis Examiners
- RO.566/11 (as at May 2016)

Report on Overseas/Local Fieldwork
FASS-G147-06 (as at January 2017)

Report on Amended PhD Thesis (After Oral Examination)
RO.87/03 (as at January 2020)

Request for Extension of Restricted Access Option
Form RO.623-09 (as at 2 May 2014)

Self-Evaluation Form for Students Applying for Conference Funding
FASS-G55-11 (as at Jan 2017)

Supervisor’s Report on Amended Graduate (By Research) Thesis
RO.86/03 (as at January 2020)

Thesis Submission Form
- EduRec

Withdrawal from the University (Graduate Research Students)

Research/Coursework Students

Application for Module Exemption or Credit Transfer for the Same NUS Module(s) Completed During Previous Candidatures
FASS-G47-10 (as at March 2015)

Application for Module Exemption or Credit/Grade Transfer
FASS-G48-10 (as at March 2015)

Application for Other Part-Time Work
FASS-G4-10 (as at April 2015)

Application Form for Independent Study Module
ISM form

Application Form to Read Modules Offered by Another Department or Faculty
FASS-G51-09 (as at Dec 2013)

Coursework Students

Application for Extension of Candidature for Coursework Students
FASS-G71-11 (as at June 2012)

Application Form for Conversion of Candidature for Coursework Students (from Full-Time to Part-Time or from Part-time to Full-Time)

Withdrawal of Candidature for Coursework Students

General Forms for All Graduate Students

Add/Drop Form

Application Form for Review of Results
- Form RO.254/14

Application for Extension of Student’s Pass

Application for Special Consideration
Form RO.755-12

Claim Form for Student Projects
- Request for Payment (RFP) Form

Status Letter for Candidature

NUS Institutional Review Board (NUS-IRB) Forms