Art History Requirements


Pass at least 24 MCs of AH, AH-recognised modules, which include the following:

  1. AH2101 Introduction to Art History
  2. A minimum 8 MCs at level-3000
  3. Where applicable, at least 12 MCs must be taken from outside the full set of modules that make up the student’s primary major. Up to 8 MCs of modules may be used to meet the requirements of both the Major and Minor programmes.

Notes: Minor

  1. While it is not mandatory, students looking to complete the Minor are strongly encouraged to read AH3204: Methods and Approaches to Art History
  2. While it is not mandatory, students are advised to read AH2202: Modern Art: A Critical Introduction and AH3201: A History of Contemporary Art before / in conjunction with AH3202: Time Traveller: The Curatorial in Southeast Asia.
  3. Students are allowed to use up to 8 MCs to meet the requirements for both the Minor and a Major or another Minor, at the same time; however, the credits for these modules would be counted ONCE. FASS students would still need to fulfill the MCs required for the Unrestricted Electives (outside major) requirement.
  4. For students on overseas exchange, credit transfer of up to 8 MCs of relevant modules for the Minor may be accepted. Please refer to the Maximum Number of Credit Transfer for SEP Students for more information.
  5. Please refer to FASS website for specific guidelines governing Minor Programmes offered by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.