Student Society

The NUS History Society aims to provide a base which would allow students at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to meet and enjoy the company of fellow students who share similar interests. It seeks to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in meaningful activities and programs that contribute to their holistic development as a member of the NUS community. The Society is also committed towards engaging the public in events related to the subject of History. The annual History Seminar is one of our flagship event that seeks to engage the public (and schools) to learn and discuss about pertinent historical issues.


On campus, the NUS History Society organises recreational and social gatherings complemented by activities of varying degrees of relevance to the study of History. These events provide the ideal forum for interesting exchanges as well as both academic and social enjoyment over the course of a students’ experience on campus or elsewhere within the University. The Society also supports history students as their deliberative body of representation amongst other groups at the University, including the History department, the University administration and other student groups (e.g. NUS Students Union). Furthermore, the Society endeavors to assist history students in resolving quandaries related to academics; by providing insightful career related advising; and by acting as a partner in linking the student up with the NUS History Department. We seek to create an inspiring and enlightening environment for all students wanting to absorb the knowledge and wisdom that the study of history has to offer. We value the opinions and thoughts of each and every student, and hope that our efforts can be guided by the student body to best serve the body of history majors and undergraduates in NUS.

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