Honours Programme


What do you need?

Single Major [B.A. (Hons)]

Cohort 2016 onwards

To graduate with Honours in South Asian Studies (SN), students need to:

  1. Pass SN1101E Discover South Asia: People, Culture, Development (This will be counted towards the Faculty Core or UE requirements).
  2. Pass at least 84 MCs of SN modules or SN-recognised modules (including Tamil or Hindi language modules), which include the following:
    1. SN4101 Approaches to the Study of South Asia
    2. a minimum of 44MCs of SN modules
    3. a maximum of ONE of the following “methods” modules (See Note 1):
      i. GE2101
      ii. HY2241
      iii. PS3257
    4. a minimum of 60MCs at level 3000 or higher with
  1. a minimum of 40MCs at level 4000 or higher, including
    a) SN4101
    1. a maximum of 2 SN modules or SN-recognised modules at level 5000 (subject to department's approval)
    2. a maximum of 12 MCs of Tamil or Hindi track language modules (See Note 2) (optional)

Note 1: Students are encouraged to read ONE of the recognised "methods" modules.
Note 2: Language modules are optional.

Single Major (B.A.)