SASP has developed a robust internship framework for all Major and Minor students. Students can intern either for modular credits during semester or independently during term break. Strong ties have been forged with research institutes, museums and heritage centres, and other industry partners to ensure that all majors, who seek to intern, will avail to that experience over the course of their undergraduate studies.

The Institute of South Asian Studies and the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) regularly set aside places for SASP interns who are Majors, Second Majors or even pursuing South Asian Studies as a Minor on a preferential basis.
Other bodies that provide avenues for SASP internships include the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) and its partner organisations.


Click here for SAS Internship Proposal Form.

SN major students who would like their participation in internships to count towards meeting graduation requirements may enrol in modules managed by Department or the FASS (see FASS’s internship website for more information about faculty managed internship module).

Module(s) SN3550 South Asian Studies Internship ISN3550 Extended Internship*
Modular Credits (MCs) 4 4
Module(s) Classification Counted towards SN major requirements. Can be counted towards Unrestricted Electives (UE) only
Internship Hours Semester 1 or 2, Part-time: 12-16 weeks during regular semester, no more than 16 hours per week.

Special Term, Full-time: 8-12 weeks during special term, no more than 40 hours per week.

Semester 1 or 2, Full-time: 12-16 weeks during regular semester, no more than 40 hours per week. (Inclusive of internship hours for SN3550)
Application Deadlines Semester 1: 1st week of July
Semester 2: 1st week of December
Special Term: 1st week of April
Module Windows Semester 1: August to December (16 weeks)
Semester 2: January to May (16 weeks)
Special Term: May to July (12 weeks)

All work for the modules should be completed within the prescribed windows. The arrangement with the company or organisation may extend beyond the windows on a mutual arrangement between the student and the employer. Work done beyond the module window does not count towards the module.

*ISN3550 Extended Internship must be undertaken concurrently with SN3550 South Asian Studies Internship.

  1. Internship modules may not be used to delay honours.
  2. Students may pursue the internship module concurrently with other modules only with approval from the company or organisation and the South Asian Studies Programme.
  3. Start/end date for internships may vary but all work for the modules should be completed within the module window (see above).
  4. Students will need a Workplace Supervisor (from the company or organisation) and Academic Advisor (from NUS).
  5. Students will submit written assignments to be reviewed by the Academic Advisor, and in some cases, by the Workplace Supervisor as well.

The final grade given by the Academic Advisor will be based on your written assignments and Workplace Supervisor feedback.