Academic Awards

Congratulations to our Political Science undergraduates for achieving the following awards!

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher (OUR) Prize


The Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher (OUR) Prize launched in AY 2006-2007 is an annual, university-wide competition which aims to encourage research among undergraduates at NUS by presenting opportunities for them to participate in research while integrating teaching and research at various levels of experience and expertise. This allows undergraduates to develop the capacity for discovery through research.

Details on the OUR Prize can be found here:

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize

Name Academic Year HT Title
Chang Xue Qi AY2017/2018 Jiak Ba Buay? (Have You Eaten?): Effectiveness of the use of the Chinese Language and Dialects in Singapore’s Public Policy Communication
Leow Yuan Ping, Felise AY2016/2017 US Multilateral Institutions : A Typology of Foreign Policy Decision-Making
Rastus Chow Yong En AY2014/2015 Moros in Mindanao
David Wong De-Wei AY2013/2014 Who is My Neighbor? Cultural Proximity and the Diffusion of Democracy
Wong Cheng Kim Annabelle AY2012/2013 The Noble Lie: An Examination of Morality in Statecraft

Medals and Prizes

Medals and Prizes are awarded only once in the academic year, after the Semester 2 Examination. In all instances, a prize-winner must be of sufficient merit. He/She must have passed all modules attempted and must be a good overall student. No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.

Gerald De Cruz Memorial Prize

for Best Honours Thesis (HT) in Political Theory or Asian Politics

Name Academic Year HT Title
Sun Ya Hui AY2019/2020 A Digital Panopticon in Authoritarian China?: An Evaluation of China's Social Credit System
Teo Teck Leon AY2018/2019 Unity in Diversity: Policy Beliefs, Advocacy Coalitions and Church Responses to LGBT Activism in Singapore
Chang Xue Qi AY2017/2018 Jiak Ba Buay? (Have You Eaten?): Effectiveness of the use of the Chinese Language and Dialects in Singapore’s Public Policy Communication
Jesslynn Goh Si En AY2016/2017 Modern but Non-Liberal : A Study of University Students' Political Values and Sentiments in Singapore
Goh Shu Li AY2015/2016 The Joy of Active Forgetfulness
Chester Wong Ci De AY2014/2015 Authoritarian Governments and Public Goods
Chia Jie Min AY2013/2014 Moderation stalled? Comparing Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Reform Front in and under power
Wong Cheng Kim Annabelle AY2012/2013 The Noble Lie: An Examination of Morality in Statecraft
Ng Kuan Khai AY2011/2012 Hazardous Investments: The Political Impact of Taiwanese FDI in China
Lim Shaun Urn Joshua AY2010/2011 U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan in the Post-Cold War Era: A Discourse Analysis Approach
Harrison Cheng AY2009/2010 The Justice of Migration
Lee Yew Chern Benjamin AY2009/2010 Unique Motivation in Public Organization: Current Challenges in the Singapore Model

Political Science Honours Thesis (HT) Prize

for 2nd Best Honours Thesis (HT) in any subfield

Name Academic Year HT Title
Cheong Jin Yuen Darren AY2019/2020 Do "green" trade agreements produce positive environmental outcomes?
Liew Ting Ting AY2018/2019 Conditions for Successful Advocacy in China:
The Case of Environmental NGOs
Arielle Ng Rae AY2017/2018 SIApa itu? Gendering Singaporean National Identity through an Analysis of the Singapore Girl icon
Tang Zhiliang Kenneth AY2016/2017 Clinton vs Trump : A study of the Campaign Rhetoric in the 2016 US Presidential Election
Talia Seet Shwen Lee AY2015/2016 Creation, Political Order, and Augustine's Thought

Political Science Prize

for Best PS Honours Year Student (SOC4/ARS4)

Name Academic Year
Nguyen Xuan Bach AY2019/2020
Mak Jun Wei Aaron AY2018/2019
Koh Jhai Leng, Shammah AY2017/2018
Peh Zi En Kimberly AY2016/2017
Talia Seet Shwen Lee AY2015/2016
Madelyn Nicole Usher AY2014/2015
Darren Wong Wai Lin AY2013/2014
Wong Cheng Kim Annabelle AY2012/2013
Rebecca Grace Tan Tian En AY2011/2012
Chin Quihui Elaine AY2010/2011
Harrison Cheng AY2009/2010

for Best PS Year 3 Student (ARS3)

Name Academic Year
Chan Zhekang, Aloysius AY2019/2020
Ng Shi Qi Kimberley AY2018/2019
Neo Yi Chong, Isaac AY2017/2018
Wee Sze-En Deborah AY2016/2017
Robert William Straughan AY2015/2016
Kenrick Chin Jin Rui AY2014/2015 
Lee Wei Yu Darryl AY2013/2014 
Ng En Hao Joshua AY2012/2013
Lim Chee Wei AY2011/2012
Lam Wee Shen Wilson AY2010/2011
Lim Shan Urn Joshua AY2009/2010

for Best PS Year 2 Student (ARS2)

Name Academic Year
Kam Wei Lee Wesley AY2019/2020
Ashleigh Megan Fernandez AY2018/2019
Tan Chi Hoong Joel AY2017/2018
Lim Mingxun AY2016/2017
Koh Jhai Leng, Shammah AY2015/2016
Leow Yuan Ping, Felise AY2014/2015
Samuel Stephens AY2013/2014
Ang Kah Yik Benjamin AY2012/2013
Tan Mui-In Amanda AY2011/2012
Lim Wee Keat AY2010/2011
Jacintha Gopal AY2009/2010

Straits Steamship Prize

for Best PS-HY Student

Name Academic Year
Conelius Loo Kah Weng AY2018/2019
Neo Jen Kiat AY2017/2018
Chia Shimin AY2016/2017
Estee Chua Ke Xin AY2014/2015
Irshath Mohamed AY2013/2014

Batul Izzuddin Global Citizen Prize

FASS Political Science or Global Studies who has not only demonstrated academic excellence but has also represented Singapore or their country of origin on the global stage doing the country proud in the process.

Name Academic Year
Thiyaghessan S/O Poongundranar AY2019/2020
V Janani AY2019/2020