PS3550 Political Science Internship


Internships vary in length but all take place within an organisation, are vetted and approved by the Department’s internship advisor, have relevance to the major in Political Science, involve the application of subject knowledge and theory in reflection upon the work, and are assessed. Available credited internships (if any) will be advertised at the beginning of each semester. In exceptional cases, internships proposed by students may be approved by the Department.

PS3550 Political Science Internship

  • Completed a minimum of 24 MCs in Political Science; and
  • Declared Political Science as their Major.

Procedures for Application and other Information

(Must be completed before start of internship)

  • Students are required to look for a supervisor in the workplace (who agrees to undertake the role to coordinate with the Department’s Internship Advisor.
  • Students also have to look for a supervisor from the Department who will assess and oversee their work during the internship period (just like HTs and ISMs).
  • Students with the internship module are also required to submit a mid-term report (40%) and assignment (60%) for grading by the department’s supervisor.
  • To get 4 MCs, students would need to accumulate a minimum of 120 workload hours during one period working for a single organisation.
  • An internship with a minimum of 240 hours working in the organisation may earn 8 MC. Of these, 4 MC will be credited to the Major, and 4 to UE.
  • Full semester tuition fees is payable for the semester in which PS3550 is added for the student.
  • Internships can be in part-time or full-time mode. Students do not have to apply for Leave of Absence (LOA).
    • If the internship is on part-time mode, the student may choose to do some modules in NUS concurrently and make the necessary timetable arrangements with their internship workplace supervisor.
  • Being away on an internship (especially on full-time mode) may cause students to graduate later. Students should take note of the effects on their maximum allowable candidature period and any subsequent tuition fee increase.
  • All internship applications must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the start of a new semester. Any applications thereafter will not be accepted by the department

For more information regarding PS3550, and the procedure on how to get your internship approved and other assessment requirements, you may email to our Department Internship Advisor, Dr Elaine Tan at

Click here for the PS3550 Political Science Internship Application Form.