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15 June 2017

BRICS and the Global Economy

02 March 2017

Date: 2-3 March 2017

Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm (please refer to the schedule in the website for more details)

Venue: Evans Room, NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, National University of Singapore, 9 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119241


Residential Colleges Teaching Awards AY2015/2016

25 January 2017

Since 2013, the Residential Colleges Teaching Excellence Awards have been awarded to outstanding faculty members for their exceptional work as facilitators of high quality teaching in the living and learning setting. As a sign of how the teaching and learning landscape has evolved in the RCs, and how teaching excellence has diversified, this year saw the introduction of 2 new award categories to the RC teaching awards: the Residential Colleges Teaching Commendation, which serves to encourage faculty members who have demonstrated a good understanding and application of residential college teaching; and the Residential Colleges Teaching Excellence Award Honour Roll, which acknowledges the consistent excellent work of faculty who have won the RC Teaching Excellence Award three times.


The Residential Colleges Teaching Awards ceremony was held on 25 Jan 2017 at Residential College 4, with Vice Provost Prof Bernard Tan (front row, first from the left), presenting the awards to the winners.

Winners of the AY2015/2016 Residential Colleges Teaching Awards:

Residential Colleges Teaching Excellence Award Honour Roll

  • Dr Tan Lai Yong (College of Alice & Peter Tan)

Residential Colleges Teaching Excellence Award

  • Dr Naviyn Prabhu Balakrishnan (Residential College 4)
  • Dr Connor Clive Graham (Tembusu College)
  • Dr Adam Staley Groves (Tembusu College)
  • Dr Jew Yun Hsien, Daniel (College of Alice & Peter Tan)
  • Dr Lai Chiu Yun, Joelle (College of Alice & Peter Tan and Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum)
  • Dr Pang Tze Lin Kelvin (Tembusu College)
  • Dr Tan Yuen Ling Lynette (Centre for English Language Communication)
  • Dr Walter Patrick Wade (Centre for English Language Communication)
  • A/P Reuben Wong (College of Alice & Peter Tan and Department of Political Science)

Residential Colleges Teaching Commendation

  • Dr Patrick Bernard Gallo (Centre for English Language Communication)
  • A/P Sekhar Narayana Kondepudi (Residential College 4 and Department of Building)
  • Dr Kevin McGahan (College of Alice & Peter Tan and Department of Political Science)

Citations for each award winner are available here.

FASS Class Champions / Ambassadors 2017

13 January 2017

The FASS Class Champions/Ambassadors 2017 from the Political Science Class of 2017 are: Eng Yu Fan, Ho Hui Jun, Kimberly Peh Zi En and Fan Tai Soon!

Please give them your full support during the Commencement Class Giving Campaign 2017 and for future PS Alumni Activities!


Methods School

15 December 2016

Join us in 2016 for rigorous training in social science research methods and truly global networking opportunities. Acquire cutting-edge quantitative, qualitative, and formal methods skills, meet future collaborators and co-authors, and make new friends with similar research interests from all over the Asia-Pacific, the U.S., Europe, and beyond.

Visit the IPSA-NUS Summer School 2016 website at

method-school01 method-school02

Global Studies

15 November 2016

The Global Studies Programme is housed in the Department of Political Science. Global Studies is a new, multidisciplinary field of inquiry that examines the processes and effects of globalisation across political, economic, social, and cultural domains around the world. The field builds on social science concepts and area studies expertise and focuses especially on problems of profound public policy significance.

Visit the Global Studies website at


15 November 2016

Join us for our regular department seminars hosting top scholars from around the world and showcasing our department's cutting-edge research.

Singapore Security Dialogue 2016

14 November 2016

*Pictures from the event are uploaded! Check out our gallery!

Media Report from the Singapore Security Dialogue held on 14th November 2016

Today Newspaper: "Substantial Support for ISA in S'pore, says Shanmugam"

There is substantial support for the Internal Security Act (ISA) in Singapore, with the public generally seeing the regional security context and understanding the government’s use of it, said Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam at a dialogue on Monday (Nov 14). “I believe support for the ISA, if anything, has increased,” he said, at a dialogue organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Political Science Alumni Association and security services firm TwinRock Global. He was responding to a question from a political science student on whether a shift towards liberal values — including calls to abolish the ISA on the basis of human rights — would affect the Government’s ability to clamp down on divisive rhetoric.


The National Interest website - "ISIS Can be Contained" - written by our PhD Candidate, Hamoon Khelgaht Doost and PS Alumni (Class of 2016), Matthew Koo

06 November 2016


Our PhD Candidate, Hamoon Khelgaht Doost and PS Alumni (Class of 2016), Matthew Koo has written an article "ISIS Can be Contained" on the "The National Interest" website.

Do check out this link for the article!

Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards (FTEA) 2016

02 November 2016

Congratulations to our Political Science colleagues on their achievements in teaching!


In Conversation with Minister Ong Ye Kung "Jobs, Economy and I"

21 October 2016

The Dialogue Highlights video and photo gallery is out! Click on the title above for to assess the video and photo gallery.