Please click on the links below for the list of PS modules offered in AY2020/21.

For PS-recognised modules offered outside the PS Department, please see the dropdown list in module listing by subfields.

PS Honours students who wish to read level-5000R modules to fulfill level4000 module requirements, please fill in and submit this form to the Department.

Please note the following points regarding the ModReg system:

1. ModReg is a rules-driven, priority-based module allocation system. This means that ModReg takes into greater account the students’ curricular needs and seniority on top of the students’ module preferences when allocating modules.

2. The following PS modules, compulsory for Political Science and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) graduation requirements, are protected for PS and PPE majors in Round 1 of ModReg. Non-PS/PPE majors can register for them only from Round 2 onwards:

  • PS3257
  • PS2249 (CP)
  • PS2244 (GPP)
  • PS3249 (IR)

3. PS level4000 modules are protected for PS/PPE majors as well as for majors whose departments recognise PS level4000 modules for their graduation requirements. Only Round 1 is further protected for honours year students, ie, PS/PPE majors who are not in honours year can register for level4000 modules after Round 1.

4. Students (both PS and non-PS majors) who are unable to register for their desired PS modules may appeal for them using the appeal function in the ModReg system.