Student Exchange Programme

Guidelines for Student Exchange Programme (SEP)


Module Mapping Request

For details on SEP for FASS students (e.g. List of Available Places for SEP, what must you do pre-SEP and post-SEP, Credit Transfer Form, Important FAQs, etc.), please refer to:

For a step-by-step Guide for Submission of Module Mapping Request, please refer to:

For students going on exchange from AY2016/2017 onwards, please submit your module mapping request online via the NUS Student Integrated Information System (myISIS) (

In the event you are seeking credit for a course or module taken outside the University’s official exchange programme, you need to speak directly with one of the SEP advisors way before enrolling in the course/module as approval is not guaranteed.

Processing Time

Module mapping applications will only be processed in batches at the end of each week and will be given to the coordinator for his/her review. The coordinator may need up to a week to assess applications.

During peak periods such as CORS Bidding Exercise, Exams or when there are Public Holidays, the processing time will take longer.

Modular Credits

Please note that modular credits for mapped modules are subject to the MC Exchange Ratios at

Mapping of Level 4000 Modules

Please note that PS Majors will only be able to transfer up to a maximum of two Level 4000 modules for their PS Major Requirement. If according to the MC Exchange Ratio, the two Level 4000 mapped modules are worth less than 10MCs, then please contact the FASS Dean’s Office ( to clarify how the transfer of credits will be done.

Mapping of Essential Modules

The Department will not map PS1101E and PS3257. These 2 modules must be read in NUS.