We are deeply saddened by the passing of our cherished colleague, mentor, and friend, Dr John Elliott. John was a founding member of the Department since its early days, and had been influential in building up the psychology program to what it is today. Throughout his years of teaching, John has inspired countless students with his intellectual breadth and sharpness, many of them becoming psychologists who would shape the profession in Singapore. John’s contributions to the Department and the discipline of psychology in Singapore are immense and immeasurable.

The faculty members, staff, and students of the Department of Psychology mourn the loss of our beloved colleague and teacher.
Tribute Dr John Michael Elliott (1945 – 2019)
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The NUS psychology programme was first introduced during the 1986-87 academic year and is the oldest psychology programme in Singapore.

NUS offers a full undergraduate programme, including an honours course, as well as Masters and Ph.D. programmes. Since its inception, the psychology programme has attracted a strong response from students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Psychology contributes to society by providing behavioural scientists who are equipped with the skills to use empirical research methods to seek an account of human behaviour and experience. It has been only a little over a hundred years that psychology has been a discipline in its own right.


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