Areas of Specialisation

The Psychology Department offers graduate degrees based on course work and research.

The course work programmes provide an entry level professional training in clinical psychology and completion of the programme requirements will be recognised with a Master of Psychology (Clinical) degree. Programme details can be found in here.

The research programmes require the completion of general and area modules as well as a research project. The completion of programme requirements will be recognized with a Master of Social Sciences (M.Soc.Sci) or a doctorate (Ph.D.) degree.

The graduate program of the Department of Psychology is divided into six research areas. They are Clinical Science and Health Psychology, Cognition, Developmental Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience, and Social, Personality, and Industrial-Organisational Psychology. These six research areas reflect the diversity of research topics that our faculty have considerable expertise on. Prospective students are welcome to explore the specific research interests of individual faculty members within the areas.

Other than these six research areas, the department has several faculty members who work on two research themes focusing on (a) Emotion, and (b) Language and Communication. Prospective students interested in these two themes stand to benefit from a graduate training that approach these topics from a multidisciplinary perspective.