Research Participation Programme

The Research Participation (RP) Programme at the Department of Psychology at NUS is an essential component for undergraduate studies and provides a participant pool for researchers. The Programme provides students an opportunity to participate, as well as observe on-going research in the department.

As part of a good Psychology education, it is essential for Psychology undergraduate students to understand the methods and procedures for psychological research from both the perspective of the participant and the researcher. To this end, participation in Psychology experiments has been part of the undergraduate Psychology Programme at NUS since it began. This requirement is not unique to NUS but is in fact an integral part of Psychology programmes worldwide.

To all new participants and researchers, welcome to the research community at the Department of Psychology, NUS! We encourage you to embrace this opportunity to experience and take part in current psychological research.

At NUS, as is the case at many other universities, students can fulfill this requirement in two ways:

    1. Students can opt to act as participants in staff and senior student projects and accumulate points (14 per module) by signing up for approved experiments. All research would have been reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) before any data collection can begin.
    2. The RP coordinator can arrange for students to act as observers for two experiments before they write up two reports (c. 1,000-2,000 words each) about the logistics, design and procedure the experimenters were using.

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