Graduate Students

Name Position  Research Area  Email Bio
Akshay Abraham Masters Student Moral Psychology I am a Masters student majoring in Psychology. In my past work I have looked into the topic of moral rationale and how it interacts with social processes such as inclusion to influence moral outcomes. I am keen to embark on further exploration within the field of Moral Psychology.
Ahmad Ishqi Jabir bin Agus Rizal Masters Student Developmental Psychology My broad research areas include developmental psychology and education psychology. My interest lies in the analysis of multi-level longitudinal and SEM modeling specifically related to the psychological and social developmental trajectory in children.
Ang Zi Song Edlois Masters Student I am interested in the psychology of morality and how various factors affect how we judge others.
Au Zher Wen PhD Student I am interested in the effects of emotion on attentional functions.
Bi Yue PhD Student Developmental Psychology I am interested in exploring social-cognitive development processes in children, especially the interplay between theory of mind abilities and deceptive behaviours in children.
Chai Jing Wen PhD Student Cognitive Neuroscience I am broadly interested in the domain of social and cognitive neuroscience. My current research focuses on the impact of reward on cognitive mechanisms such as attention and decision-making.
Chan Ming Yue (Kelly) PhD Student I am interested in studying parenting and attachment in cross-cultural samples, and its effects on socio-emotional development and psychopathology.
Chee Qian Wen Masters Student Cognitive Psychology I am curious about many areas of cognition, and am currently working on projects related to auditory and visual word recognition, as well as short-term and long-term memory. I also have passing interests in music cognition, in particular the mental processes underlying note recognition and memory for music.
Choo Magdalene PhD Student Cognitive Psychology Magdalene is interested in priming research. She is interested in understanding the influence of contextual cues in decoding the semantics of ambiguous words and sentences. Prior to her studies, Magdalene was a Research Associate at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS). Her key contributions were in the design and implementation of the Singapore Panel Study of Social Dynamics, a study devised to track changes in 5,000 households over time.
Chowdhury Avijit PhD Student Research interests include Moral reasoning and the interaction of emotion and reason in human morality, teleological reasoning and religious belief from a psychological perspective.
Joanne Chua PhD Student I am undertaking a PhD with a focus on Clinical Psychology, specifically on competency-based training and supervision.
Sophia Chua Masters Student Personality Psychology I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree under the supervision of Dr Ryan Hong. I am interested in the study of personality and its application in personnel selection and assessment.
Drabu Sukriti PhD Student Clinical Psychology Sukriti Drabu is a student pursuing her PhD in Psychology, concentrating in Clinical Psychology. She has completed her Master's in Liberal Arts concentrating Clinical Psychology from Harvard University, Extension School. She has also completed her Bachelors from University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. Prior to starting her PhD at NUS, she has worked as a Research Project Coordinator at the Hooley Lab in Harvard University, where she worked on a project investigating trust processing in individuals with BPD traits. Her research interests focus on understanding cultural risk factors and psychophysiological markers that play a role in the development of psychopathologies, in particular self-injurious thoughts and behaviors. She is particularly interested in examining the inter-play between culture and cognition in emotion dysregulation and self-injury. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dogs, binge-watching TV shows, arguing with friends and dancing.
Joyce Gan Xing Fang CDP Student I am taking my B.Soc.Sci (Hons.) in Psychology and M.Soc.Sci. in Psychology (by research) under the Concurrent Degree Programme. With a great interest in connecting with people and serving the community, I have completed my second major in Social Work too.

Currently, I am working alongside Dr Tsai Fen-Fang for my research. I am broadly interested in the psychology of interpersonal relationships and emotional expressions/communications, be it in the romantic realm or in the workplace. I am also curious about incorporating positive psychology elements into interpersonal relationships.

Goh Gabriel PhD Student My research interests are in attitudinal research, with a focus on message tailoring to personality factors such as the dark triad.
Hou Minzheng PhD Student Social Psychology Mike is interested in social and political psychology, specifically in the domains of intergroup relations, immigration, and national identity.

Before pursuing his PhD, Mike was a Naval Combat Officer in the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), and a research analyst at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS).

In his free time, Mike enjoys judo practice and also teaches Japanese to anyone who is interested. His favorite pastime is to hang out at izakayas.

Jiang Yifan (Christy) PhD Student Social Psychology I am interested in studying the role of motivation and self-regulation in predicting academic achievement.
Kho Jie Min Masters Student Clinical Psychology I am interested in the areas of clinical and developmental psychology.
Gabriel Lau Rong Yang CDP Student Cognitive Psychology Gabriel is currently enrolled in the Concurrent Degree Programme under the mentorship of Associate Professor Stephen Lim to investigate the beneficial effects of learning-by-teaching on higher-order learning outcomes. Gabriel is also working as a part-time research assistant in the Psychology department for Associate Professor Melvin Yap, Associate Professor Eddie Tong, and in the Marketing department for Assistant Professor Adelle Yang. Gabriel's future research interests lie in the social-cognitive aspects of platonic and romantic relationships. Over and above his academic life, Gabriel is well-trained in Mixed Martial Arts, Xiangqi, and the violin. Gabriel has also held notable positions in the Grassroots (Youth Executive Committee and Community Club Management Committee) where he is an active volunteer and organises events for youths and the community.
Lee Si Min Stephanie PhD Student Clinical Psychology Stephanie is a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Keng Shian Ling. She has completed her Masters of Psychology (Clinical) degree. Prior to commencing her doctoral studies, Stephanie served as a Clinical Psychologist at a local mental health hospital, where she worked with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their family members. Her research interests include a) understanding the processes between parent and child interaction that contributes to the development of psychopathologies, b) and cognitive processes underlying clinical disorders.
Li Ying (Leena) PhD Student I am interested in social and affective psychology, particularly in topics like how the mindsets and emotions interact with each other and its influence on decisions. Interested in how people constructed the inner worlds in the era of new media, I minored in communication. I am photographing the surroundings and human beings as well as working out at the gym when not working.
Lionel Lim Cheng Liang Masters Student Social Psychology Rousing and interesting comment about being a Master’s student and enjoying it, follow up with funny but self-depreciating comment about questioning sanity of self under Master’s programme. Smart and witty comment about interest in [Emotions] and working with [Dr. Eddie Tong], specify interest in [Appraisals]. Follow up with alternate interest in [Cognition] & [Psycholinguistics], specify [Memory] & [Morphology]. Check rule of three fulfilled, realise checking rule of three results in flouting rule, panic and ignore rule of three. Inspirational Quote about [Perseverance]. Deadpan jokes aside, I do find the aforementioned areas of Psychology to be very interesting areas of study. My other hobbies include simple pleasures like pondering religious concepts, attempting to finish a number of games, making bad jokes, keeping up with the latest news (tech, world and fake) as well as rampant alcoholism!
Travis Lim Masters Student Hi! I’m Travis, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at NUS. While I have studied intergroup relations and historical narratives in the past, my present research lies at the intersection of emotions and prejudice - for example, can certain emotions make us more prejudiced? I am also interested in the use of psychology in applied settings.
Liu Cui Zhen PhD Student Cognitive Neuroscience I use behavioural, EEG, and FMRI methods to study economic decision making and emotion. I'm particularly interested in how emotional and salient information influence our economic decision making and memory. I also explore nocebo and placebo effects for pain perception.
Jolene Low Masters Student Social Psychology I am interested in the effects of positive emotions on various outcomes.
Nawal Binti Mohamed Hashim Masters Student Social Psychology I am broadly interested in the development of socio-emotional skills and social cognition, particularly looking at intergroup processes underlying prejudice and prosocial behaviour.
Delphinna Neo Hui Xuan Masters Student Social Psychology I am interested to understand beliefs and behaviours that can help students in their learning and performance. Thus far, my research focuses mainly on two topic areas: goal pursuit and mindsets. In time, I hope to design psychologically precise intervention to help people accomplish their goals.
Jessica Ng PhD Student Social Psychology Jessica is keen on improving teaching and learning. Her work focuses on identifying beliefs, mindsets, and behaviors in students and teachers that make them effective. She designs psychologically precise interventions to help individuals adopt adaptive mindsets and behaviors to help them become more effective and/or, to succeed at their goals.
Reiner Ng Wei Jie CDP Student Social Psychology My research interest lies in attitude and persuasion. Specifically, I am interested in the various components of attitudes (e.g. structural and meta bases), including the meta-judgement of attitudes’ basis and functions. Currently, I am exploring how individuals form their health-related attitudes (e.g. vaccination, fruits and vegetable), and how this may help to increase their health-related behaviours. I am also interested to understand how fake news convince people. In my free time, I enjoy catching up with the latest tech news and trying out new food recipes.
Maureen Ngo Mei Qing Masters Student My research interest lies in youth development, specifically, what happen during this developmental stage that might contribute to youths engaging in risky or offending behaviours. My current research looks at youth delinquency and family factors.
Nina Ye Ni Masters Student My research interest lies broadly in the socio-cognitive factors of child development; particularly the effects of Theory of Mind and/or parental factors on children's teaching and lying behaviour. I like to think of myself as a sponge - always learning and absorbing as much information as I possibly can. In my free time, I like to bake, hunt for good coffee, and go on hikes.
Noorfaadhilah Abdul Halil Khan Masters Student Social Psychology My research interests lie in the domain of attitudes, specifically the antecedents and consequences of meta-cognitive appraisals regarding the basis and function of one's attitudes. I am also interested in exploring the features of attitudes based on one's moral values (i.e., moral convictions). I enjoy journaling my thoughts, finding pockets of nature, and meeting new cats. 🙂
Oh Yong Sheng Vincent PhD Student Social Psychology I'm working with Dr Eddie Tong on the area of emotions, which I believe to be inextricable from human experience. I'm interested in emotions as applied to a wide range of topics, including social, behavioural, and cognitive antecedents or outcomes, as well as subjective and psychological well-being. In whatever free time that I have, I find great enjoyment in the exquisite emotional quality and imaginativeness that very often characterise the infinite possible worlds of fiction.
Ong Xiang Ling PhD Student Xiang Ling is interested in the development of self-control and motivation in children, and the psychological processes that help children succeed in school. Xiang Ling hopes to develop interventions that can help level up children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Park Hyungjun (Jun) Masters Student Moral Psychology Hello, I am Jun, pronounced like the month June; it is just that it is spelled without an e. I had studied biological sciences for my undergraduate studies, and as for now, I am working under Dr Nina Powell to successfully transfer to psychological sciences. My academic interests lie within the field of moral judgment: the factors of human moral judgment, and whether and how we may model it.
Don Pereira Masters Student Social Psychology My background is in Game Programming, graduating with a diploma in Game & Entertainment Technology. I was inspired to pursue Psychology after an internship stint at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, MA, while working on building technologies to study conflict in the workplace. My main research interests are in mindsets of passion for work and strategic thinking. I am interested in how passionate individuals self-regulate their passion over time especially in the face of challenges, as well as how individuals engage in strategic decision-making to maximise their long-term goals.
Titus Quek Wei Yang PhD Student As someone who has been fortunate enough to cross paths with a slew of inspiring teachers over the past 16 years of formal education, it is my sincerest hope to be able to pay it forward by eventually becoming an educator myself. I am currently pursuing my PhD under Dr Jia Lile and my research interest revolves around enhancing academic goal pursuit and student learning. When not working, I enjoy spending my time watching sitcoms, catching up with loved ones, and immersing myself in a boatload of video games.
Shruthilaya Ramachandran Masters Student Developmental Psychology My research interests span the domains of Developmental and Cognitive psychology extending to the applied domains of learning sciences in language and education. Explicitly, surrounding Early Language acquisition and development, bi/multilingualism and its multitude of effects and benefits, methods to improve bilingual proficiency in children and their learning needs in their formative years.

My passionate indulgences in performing arts surround Carnatic-Hindustani classical vocal recitals and Bharatanatyam dance. I enjoy teaching Indian classical dance to children of ages 4-13 years. Relaxation is taking long walks and settling down with an exciting book.

Melvin Sim Masters Student Quantitative Psychology I am under the supervision of Prof Mike Cheung and my research interests lie within the field of quantitative psychology. Particularly I have an interest in machine learning methods and the statistical implications of massive data sets. In my spare time I enjoy pondering the effects of gaming, parenting and religion on the human lifespan. In my spare spare time I enjoy reading science fiction, gaming and sleeping.
Damien Soon Wei Xiang Masters Student Social Psychology I am interested in social and cognitive psychology.
Sun Pengyuan (Chiko) Masters Student I’m pursuing my Masters degree under the supervision of Associate Professor Derbyshire. I’m broadly interested in the neural mechanisms of pain perception, in particular, to explore the Offset Analgesia phenomenon using EEG/ERP.
Desiree Tan Masters Student Personality Psychology I am interested in personality disorders, especially the Alternative Model of Personality Disorders in DSM-5.
Teresa Theodora Tan Jing Yi CDP Student I am currently enrolled in the Concurrent Degree Programme under the supervision of Dr Lee Li Neng. My research focuses on Positive Youth Development. My research interests are focused on supporting adolescent development and helping youths to thrive.
Tan Shao An Daniel Masters Student Daniel is a curious inquisitive who questions the mundane to fuel his fire for investigation. When not doing research, Daniel enjoys working out at the gym, playing tabletop roleplaying or single player games, writing, music, drawing, learning new things and tweaking workflows to increase productivity.
Tan Yia Chin PhD Student Social Psychology Yia Chin's general research interest lies in the area of goal pursuit. Particularly, she is interested in investigating the underlying processes and factors that help or hinder people in pursuing their long-term goals. Long-term goals are fraught with obstacles and setbacks, and at best, lose their novelty after some time. How can we help people to maintain a sustained dedication towards their goals, navigate around obstacles and bounce back from failures? She hopes to contribute to a better understanding in this area, so that psychology as a field is better equipped to come up with more effective advice or interventions to facilitate people in achieving their desired goals in life. When taking breaks, Yia Chin enjoys decorating the whiteboard (in the graduate students' room) with character drawings from the PhDcomics and taking comfort that graduate students across the world are all in this "together".
Tao Weicheng PhD Student Cognitive Neuroscience My current research focuses on using EEG to study how people perceive and avoid loss. I am also interested in developing algorisms to detect and remove EEG artifacts. Besides research, I am good at playing badminton and making dumplings.
Cleo Tay Masters Student Developmental Psychology Cleo is a full-time Research Coordinator at the Child Development Lab and is concurrently pursuing her Masters with Dr Ding Xiaopan. Her research interests lie in the development of Theory of Mind. She hopes to explore neural networks underlying different components of ToM, its relationship with executive function, and how cultural factors affect its development. When not in the lab, Cleo enjoys reading, watching the world go by, and catering to her two cats’ many needs.
Teo Qiao Kang PhD Student My research interests are in mindsets and self-regulation. I hope to make an impact in the lives of learners by advancing knowledge on effective self-regulation and psychological well-being, and by refining and scaling up interventions.
Teo Tzee Siong Elijah Masters Student Hi everyone! My research interest lies primarily in the area of correctional rehabilitation. Specifically I am keen to know how treatment programmes can be enhanced via implementation science. My current research looks at adverse childhood experiences and delinquency.
Valentino Emil Chai Masters Student I harbour an interest in intergroup cooperation and conflict, as well as competition (both intergroup and interpersonal). These interests stemmed from my personal experiences with intense competition as a student and athlete growing up. Recreationally, I enjoy floorball, reading, and strategy games.
Wang Binhui Masters Student Social Psychology I am interested in understanding discrimination and its emotional consequences.
Wong Chin Yi PhD Student Cognitive Psychology I am keen on studying the differences between visual and auditory language processing as well as the moderating effects of proficiency. I believe these would yield interesting insights into the nature of language. In this area, I am currently working with Dr Winston Goh and Dr Melvin Yap.

My research interests also extend to comparative stigma and differential contributing factors, particularly in relation to mental health and correctional domains.

In my free time, I indulge in a lifelong love affair with the beautiful game of basketball.

Wong Kai Yun Caroline Masters Student Cognitive Neuroscience I am interested in cognitive neuroscience, especially in the neural differences between clinical and healthy populations.
Wong Pin Hoe Alvin CDP Student I am interested in the neurobiological mechanisms of pain and how they relate with cognitive functions such as attention and memory under typical (e.g. thermal contact) and atypical (e.g. chronic pain) conditions. I believe that neuroimaging can potentially uncover how our subjective experiences, as seemingly variable and infinite as they are, might nonetheless result from a common substrate of biological processes and interactions, and hope to develop models of mental health and disorder from this perspective in years to come.
Genevieve Yong Mei Qi CDP Student I am currently pursuing a Masters degree majoring in Psychology and my research includes studying fear of failure, goal achievement orientations and its environmental antecedents. I am passionate about learning about ways we can overcome obstacles in education so that students are able to learn in a conducive and enriching environment that is developmentally appropriate.
Yu Zhaoliang PhD Student Social Psychology I am currently exploring how emotions (e.g. gratitude) affect behaviors under the supervision of Dr Eddie Tong. I have a broad interest in emotions, morals and decision making. I graduated from Nankai University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology. Born and raised in northeast of China, I come to NUS without a sufficient preparation for the hot and wet weather of Singapore, and I still do not have a sunblock now.
Yuen Wei Lun Masters Student Social Psychology I aspire to be a behavioural scientist. My research interests fall within four topic areas: Intergroup relations, social and person perception, need for control, and goal pursuit. Thus far, my empirical work generally focuses on how social and cognitive processes influence one’s beliefs and attitudes. For example, during an internship with Defence Science Organisation, I investigated the influence of social norms on prosocial behaviours. My other academic works involved investigating the associations between anthropomorphism of God and beliefs in fate, proposing how construal level theory can be used to mitigate intergroup bias, as well as examining shopping behaviours through the perspective of compensatory control theory. In the near future, I seek to understand more about the processes underlying goal pursuit – specifically about why people communicate with others on their goal pursuit process.