Graduate Students (Clinical)

  Name Bio
Amos Tan I am a recent honours graduate with a double major in biological sciences and psychology, in which I dabbled in cellular neuroscience and functional neuroimaging before serendipitously experiencing the therapeutic effects of psychological intervention. With this reaffirming my inclination towards psychology and the helping profession, I was fortunate to be given a series of intern and traineeship opportunities at a tertiary psychiatric hospital where I assisted with research, conducted triage clinics, and independently trialled and ran an acute inpatient group intervention programme. Entering this clinical Master’s programme, I hope to delve further into my current interests in depressive disorders, transdiagnostic cognitive vulnerabilities, ACT and other mindfulness-based therapies, and the adolescent/young adult population. I enjoy working out and am passionate in actively volunteering for social causes promoting mental health support, literacy, and de-stigmatisation.
Angeline Tjhin My interest lies broadly in the field of child and adult psychopathology, especially in mood and personality disorders. In my free time, I enjoy music, spoken word, travelling and being in nature.
  Carissa Lim Yenn En My prior work with adults with intellectual disability and their families has given me a heart for making room and journeying with people on the margins. My areas of interest include psychosis, palliative care, trauma, and neurodevelopmental disorders - I look forward to adding to these over the course of the programme. I enjoy art and poetry, learning new languages, and making music with friends.
Gan Ying Teng Ruth I hope to serve the needs of those who require clinical help, particularly in areas of abuse and trauma recovery. I am also keen on contributing to the field of mental health amongst the elderly (i.e., elderly abuse and caregiver burnout). I love being around people, exercising, and I run a small home granola business in my free time.
Geok En-Ting Before enrolling in this programme, I worked for 2 years with youth-at-risk in a community agency, providing case management, counselling and group work for youths who had committed petty offences, had poor school attendance, or displayed other at-risk behaviours. I love working with teenagers, and my research interests include body image and eating disorders.
Gwee Ai Jia

Prior to enrolling in the clinical programme, I worked with adults with disabilities. I enjoy the process of understanding research methods and statistical analysis. I dabble in photography during my free time.

Jesselyn Chua Jia Xin My interests, past experiences and research have been related to child/adolescent psychopathology. Prior to entering the Clinical Psychology Masters programme, I worked as a psychologist associate with the REACH (West) team in NUH, a community mental health team that provides assessment and interventions for school-age students with mental health concerns and their families. I am also interested in learning more about the influence of early childhood and family environments and development and psychopathology across the lifespan. In my free time, I enjoy travelling and exploring Singapore's nature and marine biodiversity.
Jesudas S/O Soundhraj I hold a Masters in Counselling from Monash University and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from James Cook University. My previous experiences include Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Case Management and Counselling. I worked mostly with individuals suffering from Schizophrenia and Addictions. Currently my research interests are looking at attachment styles for individuals suffering from addictions. Other interests also include mental health within prison populations. My personal interests include watching documentaries and reading up on history..
Jocelyn Tedja My areas of interests are in addictive behaviours, trauma and emotional regulation. Meditation and acting are the other two loves of my life.
Kavitha D/O Manokaran Before joining the Clinical program, I worked in a healthcare institution as a clinical counsellor providing support to the patients requiring mental health interventions. My broad research interest lies in topics related to emotions in child and adult psychopathology. In my free time, I love baking, hunting for delicious food and travelling.
Kimberlynn Koo Hui Wern I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Manchester. Prior to joining this clinical program, I worked with children at a counselling centre and was a research assistant at a child language and communicative development centre. My broad research interest lies in the field of child psychopathology. In my free time, I enjoy travelling and reading.
Koh Jin Yi I enjoy working with adolescents and adults, particularly in the areas of mood and anxiety disorders. My broad research interests lie in the field of adolescent and adult psychopathology. I am also interested in exploring the influence of early life events on individuals and the etiology of psychopathology. On the side, I love a good bouldering session as well as a nice cone of ice-cream.
Lee Shu Qin, Marianne I have a keen interest in working with children and adults who have experienced trauma, and find it both a privilege and joy to be part of their recovery journeys. I am also passionate about helping communities become more knowledgeable about trauma, mental health, and resilience. Some of my favourite things to do are watching my two children goof around, and laughing out loud with my loved ones.
Lerh Jian Wei I am a strong believer of seeking first to understand the individual and his/her circumstances when supporting others. Prior to joining the clinical programme, I was working with students with ASD and their parents and teacher to support their socioemotional and learning needs in a special education school. And my research interests includes the theory and treatment of OCD, ASD and related issues, anxiety, and depression. During my free time, I enjoy watching science-fiction and action movies, and jogging.
Li Siling Melissa I am currently pursuing my Masters in Clinical Psychology. Before enrolling in this course, I worked as a research assistant at the A*STAR-NUS Clinical Imaging Research Centre. I am interested in working with both adults and children. In my free time, I enjoy music, playing tennis, reading, and being in the great outdoors.
Liang Jiamin Melanie Prior to this Master of Psychology (Clinical) programme, my work mainly involved supporting perinatal women with mental health issues at a tertiary hospital. My clinical and research interests include adult psychopathology and adaptive/maladaptive coping mechanisms. I have also done previous research examining psychosocial risk factors influencing mood symptoms in young adults with intellectual disability. I hope to serve the vulnerable and at-risk populations in my future work, as well as contribute to greater mental health literacy and support within the local community. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, singing and various genres of dancing.
Lim Kai Keat I am a psychologist with the Ministry of Defence, currently pursuing my Masters in Clinical Psychology. I enjoy direct work with adults and have a keen interest in personality disorders and adult psychopathology. My self-care routine includes food, art, photography, and travelling.
Lim Rui Fen Eunice I enjoy working with adolescents and young adults. My clinical and research interests lie in the areas of body image and trauma. I am also interested in the role of parenting in mental well-being. On the side, I love spending time in nature and a good book over coffee.
Lim Shu Hui Eunice Prior to joining the Masters programme, I worked as a counsellor at The SBL Vision Family Service Centre, which gave me many opportunities to support individuals and families with mental health challenges. My research interest lies in adult psychopathology, particularly in mood disorders as well as mindfulness and self-compassion related topics. In my free time, I enjoy indulging in coffee-making and travelling.
Lim Sze Hann, Danica I previously worked as a case manager at the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore. My interest is in the field of adult psychopathology, and am particularly intrigued by individuals with psychoses and personality disorders. I hope to someday alleviate suffering among those with mental illnesses in the community. In my spare time I enjoy exploring museums, the outdoors and reading.
Mary Lim Ying Min I enjoy working with the child and adolescent population, and am interested in exploring areas such as trauma and emotion regulation. In terms of research, I’m excited to see how social psychology principles can be integrated to further our knowledge on psychopathology and well-being. When I can, I enjoy baking and trying to get myself to go for yoga.
Natasha Lim Ke Xiu Prior to this course, I was working in Singapore Prison Service where I conducted risk assessments and psychological interventions for offenders with mental illnesses or who have committed violent offences, to address their risks of re-offending. My broad clinical and research interests include borderline personality disorder and psychopathic personality traits. In my free time, I mostly enjoy catching up with friends over coffee, creating art, listening to music and going for spin classes.
Nicole Kuek Min Yee Prior to entering the masters programme, I had the opportunity to work with youths facing adversities in the community and with transdiagnostic adult populations in institutions. My interests are broadly in young adult and adult psychopathology, and I am excited to further deepen and expand my interests across various areas of clinical psychology in the programme. I recharge through travelling, reading, art, and bubble tea.
Nur Aqidah Dr Haji Sablee I am fond of working with children and adolescents, and I’m particularly interested in exploring mood disorders and emotional regulation within this population. I am also quite keen to dive into the discipline of neuropsychology to better understand the emotional impact of neurological disorders. During my free time, I enjoy attending group fitness exercises and also recharge and rejuvenate with some ”me time”.
Ong Wen Yi Before enrolling in the clinical psychology program, I worked with children and families on their safety and well-being. During the course of my undergraduate studies and work, I enjoyed speaking to people from various walks from life and hearing their experiences. I developed an interest in mental health and trauma, and am interested to explore more about how childhood influences and family environments impact a person in their lifetime. Besides work and study, I find joy in watching K-drama, catching up with friends over meals, and travelling!
Ong Yining My broad research interests lie in body imaging, emotional regulation and coping styles. In future, I hope to dedicate myself into sociology of food and the possibility of it as a treatment modality. A homebody driven by sweets, photography and Netflix.
Quek Yan Qi Janice I am secretly a child stuck in an adult’s body; this probably explains my curiosity and varied interests, especially in child psychology, trauma and psychopathological disorders. When not on an adventure outdoors or buried behind a good book, I can be found in the pantry with either potato chips or strawberries.
Peh Oon Him I worked as an associate/assistant psychologist in research and clinical teams in various tertiary hospitals prior to starting this clinical programme. Over the years, I have developed an interest in childhood trauma, anxiety, emotion regulation, mindfulness and psychological resilience. I am excited to expand my interests further in various areas of clinical psychology. I love travelling, photography, and all things nature.
Poh Xue Wei I enjoy working with the child population. Other than being amused, I am always intrigued by children’s behaviours and the things they say. I started working with children as an early childhood educator and later as a research psychologist at Institute of Mental Health’s Child Guidance Clinic. My broad research interest lies in the field of child psychopathology. I find pleasure in travelling, taking long walks and soaking myself in nature.
See Cheng Hui Cassandra I worked at the Eden School as a Special Needs Educator with children on the ASD spectrum before joining this programme. I am interested in learning about transdiagnostic processes, specifically emotion regulation. I enjoy travelling, eating, learning the Korean language and reading (my favourite book is Sweet Bean Paste)!
Seow Quanhui, Perle My interests are predominantly related to child psychopathology, particularly children with developmental and/or learning challenges. My past experiences include teaching children with autism and conducting psycho-educational assessments for children to investigate the presence of learning difficulties. I enjoy watching movies in my free time as well as travelling and attending concerts.
Tammie Kwek Rong Rong I am currently pursuing my Masters in Clinical Psychology. My general areas of interest lies in the field of mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders and the forensic population. To rejuvenate, I enjoy travelling and exercising.
Tan Hui Han My broad areas of interest lie in developmental disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, as well as mindfulness. Prior to starting the clinical psychology programme, I worked as a caseworker in a programme catered for adults with intellectual disability, where I worked with individuals with intellectual disability and their families to enhance their social integration and quality of life. In my free time, I enjoy music and rock climbing.
Tan Jun Xian My broad research interests are in adult and adolescent mental health and evidence-based psychotherapy. In particular, I am interested in mindfulness and self-compassion practices. Prior to joining the clinical programme, I worked as an Associate Psychologist with the Ministry of Education. I enjoy reading, meditation, visiting museums and working out at the gym.
Tiang Shu Hui My broad research interests are in adolescent and adult mental health, emotional regulation, and the role of family/caregivers in promoting positive psychosocial outcomes. Prior to joining the clinical program, I worked as an Associate Psychologist at Psychological Services Branch, Ministry of Education. I enjoy reading novels, storytelling, and hiking. I thrive on memes and puns.
Vicky Vikneshri Puminathan Prior to enrolling in the Clinical Psychology Masters programme, I worked as an Associate Psychologist at an Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC). My broad research interest lies in the field of child psychopathology. I unwind with yoga, and stay inspired by volunteering and dressmaking.
Wen Siying My broad interest is working with adolescents and young adults. I enjoy working with people with ASD and exploring the difficulties they may come across throughout lifespan. My research interest also lies in understanding the relationship between executive functioning and mood disorders. I love sports and travelling during free time.
Wong Qiu Yan My research interest largely lies in youths and adult psychopathology, particularly in coping mechanisms, mood and personality disorders. I am also interested in health psychology and enhancing general well-being of the population. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, scrolling memes and having a good drink. I love travelling and spending time with nature as well!
Yvette Hiew Yin My clinical and research interests are broadly related to the special needs field, including children and youth with developmental, learning or mood disorders. To unwind, I enjoy scented candles, Netflix and a good book.
Zhuang Sici My interest lies in the field of child and adolescent psychopathology, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and their links to anxiety. To unwind, I love exploring new places, being in nature, and going on long evening jogs.